Self Love Project

Self Love Project 2018 | Day 25

Today’s Affirmation

Being positive improves my creativity.

Clear mind, clear heart, fresh start.

As I reflect on my goals, I realize that I am an effective problem solver.  I am coming up with creative ways to incorporate small, everyday goals into my lifestyle.  These goals will ultimately lead me to accomplishing my overall goals.

Since I have a daughter, life has changed dramatically.  Time that was once wasted is now even more of the essence, yet I am able to get tasks done.  It’s all about working smart versus working hard.

I do think the self love project has improved my way of thinking.  By practically forcing myself to do bits of self care daily, I have been able to find the time that I need to improve my quality of life.  The creativity in finding time to do what I need to be done to be a functioning human whilst still having time for my family, friends, and work feels so good.

It is definitely true: being positive improves my creativity.

Self Care

My self care today was all about creativity.  I sat down and created a new post on my hair shape (you can read it here) and created graphics to go along with it.  Having the ability to really sit down and hone into my creativity feels like a luxury these days.  I get slightly burned out constantly creating for other people, but I’m vowing to get back to creating content for me, too.  It’s all about balance.

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