Self Love Project

Self Love Project 2018 | Day 26

Today’s Affirmation

I will think before I speak.

Ahhhh, diarrhea mouth.

We have all been there.

Something happens to us and before we have a chance to sit down and process what happened we speak up.  I’m guilty of this.  It usually shows its ugly head when I’m extremely angry at a person and just want them to get a piece of my mind.

But here’s the thing: once those words are spoken there is no way of getting them back.  Mindfulness is as simple as pausing and taking a breath before speaking so one can think about what they will say (if anything) in response to a situation.

Today, I will think before I speak.  It’s nothing worse than having to eat your words and apologizing for it.  And as morbid as it sounds, I ask myself: if this person were to die after this conversation, would I want these to be my last words to them?  Heavy, yet thought provoking.

My goal is to leave people feeling better than how they arrived, so being mindful of the life I speak into their lives is necessary!

Self Care

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