Self Love Project

Self Love Project 2018 | Day 27

Today’s Affirmation

*Kanye voice* Do you see this coat?!

No, but seriously, do you see that basket?  This is what I take with me when I walk to the grocery.  Yes, I walk to the grocery store.  It helps that it’s close and within walking distance, but I still make the effort to always walk.

I incorporate exercise into my daily routine effortlessly and my body thanks me for it.

Walk, Don’t Drive

On days when I visit the gym, I walk most of the way ESPECIALLY if it’s a nice day outside.  If we want to grab food, we walk to the restaurant.  When I take my girl out to explore, if our destination is within walking distance – you guessed it: we walk.

Walking allows me to stay active and take in the city all while saving me gas money.

Using the Baby as Motivation

I also baby wear practically everywhere I go.  Imagine carrying a 20 pound weight on you wherever you go – that’s me carrying baby girl.  That added weight gives me a great workout!

Speaking of workouts, when I do yoga here at the house, baby girl loves to join in.  I have a mat for her.  She will attempt to copy my moves, but she mostly just hugs on me while I flow through the poses.

I remember incorporating her in my workout routines when she was immobile – kissing her forehead when I went down for a push up or even playing airplane while I lifted my legs or feet.  These days, I find myself chasing her around the house in a game of hide-and-seek or “tag”.  The workouts are real.

Be Intentional

It’s all about being intentional (I know I say this often, but it’s true).  You have to make decisions about your life and not be on autopilot so much that you forget to think about why you are doing what you are doing.

Going shopping?  Park as far away from the store as possible so that you can walk.

Need the elevator to get to your floor?  Use the stairs.

Got a desk at work?  Try a standing desk or switch your chair to a medicine ball (that’s a thing).

Whatever your daily routine includes, find a way to incorporate exercise into it whenever you can.  Soon, you won’t have to think about it and it will become a habit.

Self Care

I’ve got some grooming to do that includes clipping my nails.  That is probably the most important self care that needs to take place right now.

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