Self Love Project

Self Love Project 2018 | Day 30

Today’s Affirmation

I age gracefully and live fully.

Getting Old vs. Growing Older

“I must be getting old.”

A phrase used by many to describe their inability to remember things, relate to the current social climate, or to classify their diverse ailments i.e. “Girl, I woke up and my back hurts. I must be getting old.”.

I’ve used the phrase before, but I realize not getting old – growing older yes, but not getting old.  There is a difference.

The thought of aging doesn’t frighten me one bit.  In fact, it is something I am most happy about since I know the alternative.  I celebrate myself, I understand my body changes and I adapt.  Taking care of myself at the age of 21 vs. at the age of 31 looks and feels different.  I am much more gentle with my body these days, making sure to challenge its limits while giving it the proper TLC for longterm care.  And truth be told, I feel much more confident and sexier now than I ever did before.

Instead of getting old, I like to think of myself as having 31 years of life experience!  My health and vitality is important to me, so I take care of myself and live my life without physical limitations.  I age gracefully and live fully.

Being old is relative.  Yes, every year you grow older and older, but when does becoming older mean you’re old?

If you ask me, old is when you stop fully living.  It’s when you lack youthfulness; you know, when you decide to stop living, learning, and growing.

Old is when you’re so stuck in your ways you refuse to do better when you KNOW you deserve better.  You won’t exercise, eat healthy, start a new career, volunteer, read – you know, anything that enhances you as a person.

I often look toward my parents in admiration.  They are in their late 60’s and workout every day, twice a day (once alone and once together).  They eat healthy, they visit the sick and shut in, and if you’ve got a function going on they are always “there”.  I guess that’s why I have such a hard time understanding what “old” is because those two are just full of life!

My prayers are that as I age gracefully I continue to live fully.

Self Care

My self care today is cooking one of my favorite soups, twisting my hair, and finishing up some open projects!

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