Self Love Project

Self Love Project 2018 | Day Eight

Today’s Affirmation

I take time to nourish my whole self.

When I hear nourish, I automatically think of food.  Since the affirmation says “whole self”, to me that translates to feeding my mind, body, and soul.

So what I am regularly feeding myself?

Clean Eating

For starters, I’ve been very intentional about cooking and preparing food for me and my family.  This is something I truly believe in.  I try to keep nothing but whole foods in my house now.  If I do eat something processed, it’s definitely in moderation.  Not only do I feel better when I eat whole foods, but I have more peace of mind knowing that what I’m eating is actually fueling my body.

Find Time for Your Mind

I’m also intentional about what I feed my mind.  Even if I only have 10 minutes a day, I’ll indulge in books, audio books, podcasts, and/or meditation & prayer.  I also read affirmations and yoga quotes daily which takes maybe 2 minutes top, but it’s something that helps me get my mind right for the day.

A sure way for negative thoughts to creep into your mind is to not safeguard it with positive reinforcements.  If you have nothing to keep the negativity at bay, it will overtake your mind.

Soul Care is Self Care

And finally – feeding the soul.  Feeding the soul is essentially self care.

For my self care today, I ate a good hearty breakfast and stayed committed to drinking enough water (sometimes I forget to eat/drink because I’m so overwhelmed with everything else).  I’ve always been jamming out to good music and sat down to write this post (I love to write).

This is why I love this self love project because it focuses on all aspects of my life – physical, mental and spiritual.  It allows me to refocus on me and remember to nourish my whole self.

Thanks for the reminder!

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