Self Love Project 2018 | Day Four

Today’s affirmation for the Self Love Project got me thinking: when’s the last time you let someone love you?

Today’s Affirmation

People are waiting to love me and I allow them.

This one is loaded because I feel there are times when I don’t allow people to love me like I should.

Take the Compliment

Case and point: a few weeks back a woman complimented my hair.  Y’all.  At that time, I thought that shit looked like a hot mess!  Instead of taking the compliment what did I say?

“Oh really? This look? Well thank you, I guess”.  What the hell, y’all?

Why did I say that?

Why didn’t I just take the compliment?

Why didn’t I let her express how she feels about my hair and leave it as that?

I’ll tell you why: self doubt.  In my mind, I didn’t recognize my beauty.  I didn’t feel like I looked good, so I was projecting that onto her.  Not good.

Though we shouldn’t be swayed by positive or negative comments from people, it does us a disservice when we don’t allow ourselves to receive love.  I block a lot of energies daily, but love is one I want to freely receive and freely give.  Therefore, I have to do better with receiving the love people show me.

And you know, looking back I didn’t look bad at all.  Or at least I could have just paused, let the moment pass and not said anything at all.  “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all” applies to self-talk, too! *sigh*  You live, you learn, you grow.

How To Let Someone Love You

Genuine compliments are a form of showing love (hence one of the reasons I added giving one to someone daily during this self love project).  Other ways you can receive love is by allowing someone to help you when you’re in need, trusting someone, opening up to someone, and even allowing someone to see you at your worst.  Whether in a romantic or platonic relationship, these attributes indicate you are human: you are willing to be yourself in spite of what may be going on around you (makes me think back to yesterday’s affirmation: you are authentic, true, and expressive).  You are you, and people love you for that!

On a positive note, I learned from the afore mentioned experience and self corrected today.  When I received a compliment about my hair, I said “thank you” with no additional dialogue.  And even though I knew I could do it on my own, I allowed the cashier to help me with my groceries.  No matter the reasons behind it, I appreciated their generosity and kindness and accepted the love they gave.

Funny thing is now I keep replaying “Let Me Love You” by Mario.  


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