Self Love Project

Self Love Project 2018 | Day Seven

Today’s Affirmation

Walking into this new week like “new attitude, who dis?”

Today’s affirmation for the self love project:

I release self doubt, self defeat, and self sabotage.

The Dream Killers

Have you ever had someone try to talk you out of your dreams?

It’s typically the people who are closest to you that feel they have so much say over your life choices, goals, and aspirations. They use phrases such as “you’re better than me because…” or “I couldn’t do it because…”.  My favorite is when they share unsolicited failed experiences with you to try to talk you out of whatever you plan to do.

Words Manifest

Before, I would just let them talk and say what they say.  I’m not swayed by what people have to say about how I do what I do in my own life, so it goes in one ear and out the other.

Words have a way of manifesting even if they fall on deaf ears.  When you allow negative talk to happen around you, you eventually will be affected by the negativity.

You’ll recall those words and start thinking about them.  The more you think on them, the more you begin to doubt yourself – am I enough?  Can I really pull this off? You’ll say things like “well I don’t want (negative experience) to happen” and then the words begin to showcase themselves in your actions.  You’ll start taking unnecessary preventative measures all because you don’t want any of that negativity to come true.  You begin to focus on it so much that it becomes your reality and you talk yourself out of your goals – “I don’t think I can do this”.  This is what you call self defeat and self sabotage and just like that your dreams are killed.

Shot dead.

You let them get in your head.

I have witnessed a lot of this type of behavior when it comes to pregnancy, child birth and child rearing.  People project their fears on expectant mothers, telling them “it’s just so painful” and have them afraid to give birth to their babies without medical interventions.  These same people scare new mothers out of breastfeeding because “it’s just so hard” and share their tidbits of “well, I didn’t produce enough milk”.  I could go on and on for days, but you catch my drift: this type of talk creates self doubt, self defeat and self sabotage.

Now, I call people on their shit and instruct them not to project their self doubts on me.  Just because they may be afraid of doing something they deem impossible, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  I don’t want that baggage.  I will not carry those thoughts around with me.

The Believers

Limiting my time around the afore mentioned people has served me well.

I’ve learned to surround myself with passionate and supportive individuals who speak life into my life.  I look toward those who have done the impossible and seek them for advice and encouragement.

More importantly, I empower myself by reading whatever I can get my hands on: books, blogs or magazines, that support my life choices.  If I want to level up I have got to prepare myself, and when self doubt creeps in I have to have the will power to defeat it.

The best way to kill all that crazy talk is to empower yourself!  Arm yourself with positive affirmations and positive self talk.  Focus on becoming a better you.  Censor your self talk.  Shut down the nonsense, go forth and be the greatness you were designed to be!

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