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Are You Growing Out Your Natural Hair? | askpRoy

‘askpRoy’ Question

Hey pRoy,

Are you growing out your natural hair?  Your hair has grown so much since you cut it and I need help growing mine out.  Will you keep it long or cut it back short?

Hey girl, hey!

You’ve got a few questions in this question so let me to try to address each one.

How I Grew Out My Hair

I have a few posts dedicated to how I grew out my natural hair.  This time around, my hair grew tremendously fast because I was pregnant and taking prenatal pills.  I still went (am going) through an awkward phase, but because I have been here before it’s nothing new.  The only thing new this time was that I had a tad bit of postpartum shedding.

Here is a video and a few posts that can help you with your growing out process:

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How I Grew Out My Shaved Sides
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Growing It Out?

I don’t know.  Some days I feel like cutting my hair and other days I love the convenience of being able to put it into a puff on my lazy days.

I am currently faking a shape on my natural hair to get me by until I decide what it is that I want to do.

Since I have been natural for almost 9 years, you can check out pretty much everything I’ve done to my hair since 2011 here.

What are some of your tips and tricks for growing out your natural hair?