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Day 5 Twist Out
Day 1 Twist Out

Flat curls, matted curls… I remember the trials and tribulations of trying to maintain a twist out.  I had absolutely no clue on how to keep it looking fresh the next day, so I thought my only option was to twist it EVERY NIGHT!  That was tiresome and also unnecessary.  Through trial and error, I devised a way to keep my hair looking nice and neat, even after a tug-o-war session with my sheets at night.  The picture to the left was taken five days ago when I recorded my “Signature Twist Out” video.  The picture on the right is from today.  Now I know you are wondering “how in the WORLD did you keep your twist out looking so fresh?”  Well, I’ve come to share my secret…

Pineapple Method for Keeping a Fresh Twist Out
It’s simple – Pineapple #nokevinhart

At night, I loosely secure my hair in a high pony puff (above bottom left) with a loose ponytail holder.  I then wrap it with a satin scarf (above top left).  Sometimes, I negate to use the scarf (or it comes off at night), but all of that is solved with my satin pillow.  In the morning, I remove the scarf and pony puff, shake my hair down, and go (above right)!  As days elapse, I may have to use my hands more in my head to direct the placement of my curls, but it’s nothing drastic.  I haven’t had to use any additional products, but I know if I wanted to keep it for another couple of days I would need to. I was going to try to keep it for seven days, but my scalp is screaming otherwise.  Had I started this twist out on freshly washed hair, I’m more than confident that I could easily go seven days, if not more.  I guess this twist out is a protective style in itself… <3

Day 2 Twist Out
Day 3 Twist Out
Day 3 Twist Out
Day 4 Twist Out

Day 4 Twist Out

Day 5 Twist Out

Curly Twist Out on Natural Hair | My Signature Style


If you’ve been rocking with me since inception, you’ll remember one of my first posts ever – my signature twist out.  Though times, products, hair color and hair lengths have changed, this curly twist out on natural hair still remains the same (plus the video needed an updated version – trust me, it’s rough)!  Here’s how I complete it these days:

Products/Items Used:
Giovanni Direct Leave-In
BeeMine Deja’s Hair Milk
Perm Rods
Tangle Teezer

Once hair was washed, deep conditioned, and t-shirt dried I applied a Giovanni Direct Leave-In and my hair was ready for styling (you can learn more about my regimen here).

I started at the nape of my neck, created a horizontal part that would allow for me to install medium sized twists.  On each section, I applied a little BeeMine Deja’s Hair Milk, detangled with the Tangle Teezer, and twisted it.  When I finished the twist, I installed a perm rod.

In this instance, perm rod size matters.  I used smaller rods in the back for a tighter curl to give the illusion of shorter hair in the back.  I used larger perm rods near the front and crown of my hair for a fuller curl and a more voluminous look.  You can read this post to learn more about perm rods.

Once my hair was completely dry (or simply the next day), I took down rods, took apart of the twists, separated each section and used a pick and my fingers to fluff my roots.  In this instance, I opted to not use heat to stretch out my roots but this is a route that I often take when my hair is freshly washed just for extra length in the crown.

Here is a picture of the style using only two rod sizes:

To Preserve the Style
I started with freshly washed hair for this style, but you can also complete this style on dry hair – it’s really your preference.

For preservation, I do one of two things: nothing at all or twist.  This is with no twisting:


There is a lack of true definition, but the style is still awesome!  You can learn more about my methods on how to preserve a twist out here.  Need more inspiration?  This is how I preserved my signature twist out for five days with no twisting!

When I do twist this style for refreshing, I detangle each section, apply a little product or spritz with water ONLY if necessary, twist and rod.  The results are more voluminous the next day than the day before as seen in these images here:

A photo posted by pRoy (@askproy) on


I wore this style the whole time I was in Tokyo, Japan as it is a VERY EASY travel style!  It can even be done on shorter hair (check out how to execute on short natural hair here).

What is your signature style?


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How I Upkeep a Twist Out on My Short Natural Hair


I’m ready to spill the beans on how I make my twist outs last so long on my short, natural hair, but are you ready to receive this information without prejudice?  Haaaaa!  I legit need to know because what I’m about to tell you is going to truly blow your mind.  By the way, that picture showcases DAY 4 HAIR!  Yea, bomb right?


If you remember from my previous post, you know that I had to take a minute and thank God that this twist out didn’t turn out ratchet because… well… the twists were saying otherwise.  Once I got my hair to look like above, I knew I had a full week ahead of me and needed my hair to look amazing.  I worked out three of those days (head full of sweat might I add) and didn’t think to re-twist my hair to even cover it up for that matter.  I literally did nothing to my hair… except this.

twist-out-on-tapered-fro-day-1-6-askpRoy The only thing I managed to do was not cover it in the shower (still avoided the direct water flow) and on Day 4 used a little bit of the Shea Moisture JBCO Styling Lotion to moisturize my hair.  After I worked that ever-so-lightly into my strands, I used a couple of pins to keep my part defined and what not… and that’s it.  In this side by side comparison, you can see a slight difference in my hair.  My twist out experienced a little shrinkage and lost a little definition, but other than that it held up quite nicely.

I don’t know what else to say about the styling/preservation process because this is my reality.  I try to execute styles that I know don’t require a lot of manipulation as I have found that my hair loves to just “be”.  Come to think about it, back in the day when I had more hair (read longer hair) and pineappled my twist out, I was practicing the same techniques.  You can see how I kept my twist out for 5 days here.

How do you preserve your twist out on your natural hair? Do you re-twist every night or just sleep on it?