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Moisturizing Twist Out with Obia Natural Haircare

IMG_5354I am no stranger to Obia Natural Haircare and their awesomeness in containers known as their products.  If you have been following me for a while, you know I use them in my regimen HEAVILY and guess what?! I’ve found some new products to add to the list.  A couple of weeks ago, I achieved one of the most moisturizing twist out styles I have ever achieved on my natural hair.

Considering I have color treated natural hair, it is so important for me to have moisturized hair at all times.  With that being said, I know for facts only that I didn’t have to apply extra moisture to my hair for days.  I used the Coconut Shea Shampoo Bar – see how I maximize usage below:

I also used the Babassu Deep Conditioner, Curl Moisture Cream Leave-In, and the Twist Whip Butter – perfect combo!

Excited about how rich in moisture my hair was, I had to share with you guys.  I detailed my styling process in this video:

In total, I had 24 twists – 4 flat twists and 20 two strand twists.  It cut down on my drying time so much and also on my styling time.  Once I took down the twists, I separated, fluffed, and shaped my hair into a beautiful style.

Static Pictorial Obia

What products do you use for a moisture rich twist out?

Defined Coils on Natural Hair Using Obia Natural Haircare

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been through hell and high-water trying to figure out how to perfect my coils in a wash and go!  Natural hair is tricky in that at certain lengths, in different seasons and with different products your hair looks and behaves so differently.  I’ve tried many wash and go styles, defining my coils with different products, but I think I found something I love.

*sidenote: I wanted to recreate this look (on the left) and as you can remember from the video detailing my new tapered ‘fro haircut, I noted that it was extremely flaky.  Ugh.  Also, it is a twist out from a defined look, so though I haven’t done the twist out part (yet), I still favor these results best.

For this style, I reached for my Obia Natural Haircare Curl Enhancing Custard to see what it could do for my hair.  Along with my staple products – Obia Natural Haircare Curl Hydration Spray and Eco Styler Argon Oil Gel – I am completely in love with the definition it produced.

I started the styling process on freshly washed hair.  I added Giovanni Direct Leave-In and it was allowed to air-dry overnight.  The next day, I spritzed my hair with water and the Curl Hydration Spray to dampen my strands (no dripping water).  Starting from the nape, took small sections of hair and added the Curl Enhancing Custard first, worked it through my strands, and then topped that with Eco Styler gel.  The key is to get the hair to clump together and to NOT TOUCH THE HAIR as it dries.

To expedite the process, I used a diffuser to set the style, used the concentrator attachment to blast my roots and styled my hair in the shape that I wanted.  It turned out to be EVERYTHING and MORE:

Night Prep: I didn’t wrap it or anything, just slept on my Pillow Bonnet.  In the morning after my shower and my run, my hair looked like the first picture below (top left).  I used my pick and the Curl Hydration Spray to give it life again.  Boom – 2nd Day Hair!
Day Three consisted of me replicating the exact same process.  The results?  Nothing short of perfect:

Check out this video for the full tutorial on the style:

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So, you know the feeling your hair gives you when use gel?  Not a hard crunch or anything (still very touchable) but you can tell you have something in there to make it hold?  By day three, my hair was pretty much rid of that feeling meaning my coils will probably lose their shape a little.  No worries, though.  I’ll just convert it into the twist out style I wanted to initially replicate.  Wish me luck!
How do you define your coils?  What are your favorite products to use?

How to Stretch Natural Hair without Heat


Yes, why yes you can stretch natural hair without heat and I am going to show you my fool proof way of doing it. It’s really simple and doesn’t take a long time.  I like the fact that it doesn’t involve heat because this purple hair isn’t here for the heat manipulation (causes the color to fade faster).

Here’s what I do:

  1. Part hair into workable sections.  These section should be small enough for detangling, but does’ have to be so small that it takes forever.
  2. Use steamer to add moisture.  You guys know I got a Q-Redew Handheld Steamer … well, maybe you don’t.  I don’t think I updated the blog to tell you all about this awesome tool although I do have a video demonstrating how I use it here.  I use this steamer to open up my cuticles so that I can put a little moisture into my hair.  It makes detangling a breeze and gives me a great stretch without using a heat styling tool (such as a blow dryer).  If you don’t have a steamer you can use the steam from the shower to simulate this effect or you can use a spray bottle with water to lightly spritz your hair.
  3. Apply the styler of your choice and by styler I mean moisturizer.  I am using the Twist Whip Butter by Obia Natural Haircare and applying that to each section I steam.
  4. Detangle by use of a comb, brush, Tangle teezer, Felicia Leatherwood brush (what I used), fingers – whatever you choose.
  5. Twist the section you just did all that to and repeat the process until your whole head is complete.

This process will stretch your hair and add moisture back into your strands.  If you are a lazy natural like myself you will take it a step further and use those twists as a style.  I added a few perm rods to the ends of those twists, waited about 30 minutes to an hour (the longer you wait the more defined the style will be) and removed the rods and twists. I fluffed to my liking and went out the door – boom.  Straight like that.

A photo posted by pRoy (@askproy) on

Now, I will caution you that this won’t last – the style that is, so you will have to twist up your hair at night to keep the style and stretch (the stretch actually may stay but the definition from the style will be gone).  This should last me until I refresh my color with conditioner and set it into a style next week!

If you want to play in your little more, you can try these styles below:

Curls + Twist Updo
flat-twist-updo-curls-askpRoy-sideBomb Ass Flat Twist Out flat-twist-out-definition-askpRoy

How do you stretch natural hair?

Faux Straw Set on Natural Hair


I had this brilliant idea to execute a roller set that resembled a straw set.  I knew that 1) it would save time installing and 2) it would produce similar (if not the same) results as would a traditional straw set.  I don’t know if you all have seen one before, but a straw set on natural hair is beautiful absolutely beautiful.  It is an awesome style for those transitioning from relaxed hair back to their natural hair and it lasts FOREVER – oh, and if you work out consider this one of those “go-to” styles.  The longevity of it is bananas!

For this style, I started on freshly washed hair.  I used my Kurlee Belle Almond & Shea Shampoo for a good cleansing and followed that up with TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask for a good deep conditioning session.  I allowed my hair to air dry for about an hour after using my favorite leave-in conditioner, Giovanni Direct Leave-In, to coat my strands.

The process of styling included using small sized perm rods (the smallest I had in my arsenal) which varied in sizes (you can see more information on perm rods here) and I used a very small amount of Obia Natural Haircare Curl Enhancing Custard on each section before twisting and rodding.  I wish I could tell you exactly how many rods/twists I installed, but that would be too good to be true, right?  You can see more of the action below:

Everything was going perfectly – I installed the style in about an hours time, I was allowing it to set for the ultimate takedown and then my husband called and suggested Happy Hour and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Happy Hour (how could I say no? I mean really).  So I had to get my life together meaning I had to take down my faux straw set down earlier than expected. #lettucepray

I felt around my hair to check on the drying time and it felt as though most were completely dry with just a few left to fully dry (only damp).  No need to panic, right? And I didn’t while I took down the rods and separated the twists.  Once I had to separate for fullness my biggest fear came to the forefront – my hair wasn’t 100% dry anddddddddd some of my separated pieces weren’t holding a curl!


No. need. to. panic. pRoy.

I kept calm, fluffed my hair, created the volume I needed and my hair turned out wayyyyyyy better than expected:


You see what a little prayer and confidence can do?  My hair, though still a little damp, looked great and the essence of the straw set on natural hair was captured for sure.  Will I try this style again?  I absolutely will, only next time I will let it dry completely before removing the rods!

Have you ever had to rock a style that wasn’t completely dry?  What did you do to fix it?

How I Define My Coils on Short Natural Hair


I absolutely love how I define my coils on my short, natural hair.  It hasn’t always been my favorite style to rock, though.  Here, let’s take a trip down memory lane:


May 2012.  I didn’t know what the hell I was doing when it came down to executing a wash and go.  I would look on YouTube, try to gather some tips from other naturals, but the end results were never results I desired.  I just didn’t know what worked for me; didn’t know how to make it look how I wanted it to look.  Funny, looking back I could totally dig some of the results but I think it also had to do with the shape of my natural hair.  Also, the products – chileeeeeeee the product combinations were a fooly-fool.  Just terrible.  Either my hair never dried completely or it was flaky, hot mess.  Just awful!


Then 2014 happened in my life and everything just changed.  It was a sudden change, nothing too drastic, but I realized that I loved my coils in the wash and go state (I actually like to say “defined coils” state).  I think a lot of it had to do with my new shape and new technique.  I finally learned how to execute the wash and go I knew I could execute!


Since then, I have experimented with a few different products, but these products seem to be my favorites:
Obia Natural Haircare Curl Enhancing Custard
BeeMine Organics Luscious Curl Cream
Alikay Naturals Creme Brulee Curl Defining

I’ve shown you how I’ve used all of the products mentioned before except for one so for this tutorial I am using the Alikay Naturals Creme Brulee.  I think it’s important to note the following when attempting to define your coils:

There is NO SUCH THING AS WASH AND GO. Whoever coined that term just … misleading.  Ugh.  It takes way more effort than just washing and going.  Now, the process may not be long, but it definitely isn’t just wash and bounce. No. No.

Products do NOT create coils/curls.  Yes, some do an awesome job at defining WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE, but they aren’t magic creams and cannot make something that just isn’t there.

A little product goes a long way.  Most of the time, you need water to get these products to define your coils, but you also can’t use too little because then it just doesn’t make sense.  Find your balance.

Don’t touch your hair until it’s dry!  Why go back and mess up your coils all willy nilly because you can’t be patient?  Just let your hair dry without touching it and watch your results blow your mind.

Typically, I can get 4-5 days out of this style – can even stretch it to a week if I do a little bit of retouching during the week.  It’s one of the easier styles I execute and I always know the outcome will be what it’s going to be – no guessing!

Do you define your coils?  If so, what products do you love the most?

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