You can call me pRoy (pronounced Pee-Roy).

I’m a content creator, a wife to an incredible husband, a mother to a beautiful baby girl, a dog-lover and owner, an author, a fashionista and a natural hair advocate residing in Denver, CO.

I am also a Certified Image Consultant and own and operate People of COLORS.

I love to be me and I do it well!  I am constantly evolving and I thank God for leading me in the direction where my life should go…

I am just following the Leader.

I have been natural for 9+ years! For My Natural Hairstory, click here.

About the Blog

I started Steel Feather Lace Elephant in November 2011 as an outlet to help out and inspire friends and family with hair styling tips.  It has blossomed into a vehicle of inspiration for thousands of people and has undergone a name change to askpRoy.

askpRoy is an beauty + inspirational lifestyle blog that covers an array of topics with a strong focus in natural hairstyling and care.  It provides hair care tips, style inspiration, and motivation for the fun natural hair wearer.  Hairstyles come in a variety of lengths and can be interpreted many different ways by the wearer to fit her personal taste.
It also is a safe space where shares bits and pieces of my life in the areas of beauty, fashion + style, travel, fitness and healthy living, and motherhood with the goal of inspiring others along their journey’s.

“All Things Inspiring and Beyond…”

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