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IMPRINTS – Loreal Smith

I wanted to start a section on my blog that will promote individuals, male or female, that are making IMPRINTS in different industries across the globe.  What better way to start than with one of my best friends, Loreal Smith.  I have known her since college and we have built…

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Aloe Vera

I remember, when I was growing up, riding the bikes with the boys in the neighborhood.  These boys were infamous for disconnecting the brakes on their bicycles and pretty much playing “chicken” with any object in the bike’s riding path.  I was no exception to these events.  One day, I…

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Fashion – Coffee with Cream & Sugar

Outfit Details| Blazer – H&M; Turtleneck – Gap; Sweater – Banana Republic; Pants – NY&Co.; Boots – Bandolino (Belk); Bracelet – Gifted It’s 22 degrees today and I am so confused about this weather.  Who knew that it would drop so drastically! Just New Year’s Day, it was 63!  Layering…

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